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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 29, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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we'll see you again tomorrow, go to greta check out live chat. we've got a brand new look. let us know what you think about tonight's show. there is an open thread just posted. the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. "b". o'reilly factor is now. >> o'reilly factor is on. >> tax cuts we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires for oil companies or hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners. >> with the economy in turmoil, is president obama playing class warrior in chief? today he tried to make his case in his first press conference in months. did it work? >> we've got to raise taxes. the deficit situation is so serious. we can't cut spending enough. >> actor and republican economist ben stein says we must raise taxes. what? wouldn't it hurt the fragile
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economy. he will be here. >> occupy to that moment had you held out the hope that caylee would be found alive? >> absolutely. every day from 15th. >> an emotional day on the stand for casey anthony's father as he talks about the pain of losing his granddaughter caylee. we'll run down the heartbreaking testimony in the courtroom. >> the factor begins right now. hi, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. today the president held a press conference and most of the questions focused on our dismal economy and the stalled debt
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negotiations. the president painted a scary vision of america in the event the republicans maintain their no new taxes stance. he was defiant and dismissive. it was vintage obama, shifting the focus away from his dismal economic record and instead scare mongering and in this case the enemies are congressional republicans. >> at a certain point, they need to do their job. so this thing which is just not on the level where we have meetings and discussions and we're working through the process and when they decide they are not happy with the fact at some point you've got make a choice, they step back and say -- the president needs to get this done. they need to do their job. now, is the time to go ahead and make the tough choices. that is why they are called
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leaders. >> then came the scare mongering and buck passing. >> we're not going pay folks their social security checks? or we're not going to pay veterans for their disability checks? which obligation are we going say we don't have to pay. these are bills that congress ran up. the money has been spent. the obligations have been made. that is so ludicrous, his lecture on leadership was both unintentionally hilarious and disturbing. how does a man that has been m.i.a. on critical budget zifgs he was voted down 97-0 in the senate and a man yet to propose any plan of his own to reform
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medicare and social security lecture anyone on leadership? so far in year he has played golf 17 times. he has attended 33 fund-raisers yet by his own admission he spent only about three hours total on the debt crisis with the house and senate republican caucuses, but be fair he did accomplish historians will always remember today. he met with the wmba championships, seattle and that is a memo. now on to the top story, dick morris also known as hey, you can tell me. y was i unfair on the talking points memo? sit perfectly gentlemen jit matted for the president for him to lecture republicans on leadership? >> of course not. i think that it's notable that the impetus has been coming from
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the vice president and from the democratic leadership in the senate, not from the president. i think that now they are calling on the president to get involved. he is trying to do that. this signifies a clear embrace of the class warfare, ultra left populist democratic approach. so when he speaks about raising taxes on it on companies but that will decrease oil exploration and production which will increase gas prices, he talks about opposing itemizing deductions for the rich but the home building industry is in terrible shape and just make it worse. speaking about raising taxes on the wealthy, the top 2% in the country spends 33% of the money and with consumer spending
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completely flat this month, she taking aim at that the two most vulnerable sections of the economy. real estate and consumer spending sector and those are the ones that are essential to our recovery. >> most hilarious part of this, not only calling on republicans to be leaders but when he invoked the corporate jet class. that is whole new category of people to demonize, the people that ride around on corporate jets, as if they do that just because they can. the obama thing -- >> unlike air force one, the people pay for the corporate jets themselves. i think what he is attempting to do is to hype the turnout among his left wing base. he basically decided he won the election of 2009 by increasing
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the turnout among young people, african-americans, latinos and leftists in general. what he is trying to do now is create a class warfare fight so he can maximize that voter turnout. the problem is he just doesn't get you there. it doesn't get you to a 50% of the vote. with his job ratings and handles economy in high 30s he has serious problems. >> you pointed out the strategy. for latino vote, you do the backdoor amnesty. the commonization of the so called wealthy -- the demonization of prosperity. he hopes that all those pieces together will overcome a romney who happens to be at the top of the ticket. in a specific match-up, obama is still on top.
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not far by a lot but still on top. does it mean anything today as a generic republican he goes down in flames? >> it means a great deal, very bad for obama. if he leads romney by 46-42, that means 54% of america has decided to vote against the president. they are waiting for the name of the opponents. when you run him against each of the candidates, the best he does is 49, against palin he is at 56. are you going to be married to the same person next year and you tell me you are undecided. that doesn't say great things about your marriage. when you are voting on an incumbent president and you say you are undecided, it means you basically decided not to voted for him. you are waiting for the name of the opponent. i think obama if the election were held today would lose by eight to ten points.
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>> i think people have to remember, up to couple weeks out in 1980, carter and reagan were pretty close. it turned at the very end. so the undecided voters is pretty interested can. >> that is the point. the last polling, carter 46 and reagan 46 and reagan got 54 and carter got 46. if you go back to 1950 and you look at the undecided vote in all of the presidential elections in which incumbents ran, you'll find that 80% of the under decided vote went to the challenger. even when the challenger was getting slung like barry goldwater or gorge mcgovern he still got 80% of the undecided vote. so if obama can raise his vote share over 50 he will be a
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one-term president. what his job approval at 47 with an economic approval at 39, he is headed downward. he is not only under 50, she under 40. thanks so much. coming up, a major crisis if there aren't big tax hikes. that can't be. and undercover investigation of the abortion group. the abortion group. we're going on to play the t i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money. with verizon, we do things quicker and more effectively.
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more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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in the impact seg amendment eggment is tonight, is president obama trying to divide according class. >> i spent the last two years cutting taxes for ordinary americans, i want to extend those middle-class tax cuts.
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the tax cuts i am proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. tax breaks for oil companies and hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners. >> there it is, the corporate jet owner. we were surprised to hear ben palestine agrees with mr. obama. >> we've got on to raise taxes. there is no way around it. the deficit situation is so serious that while i wish we did not have to raise taxes, we just can't cut spending enough. we can't. we've got raise taxes. mr. obama is going out to do it. i don't know if the republicans in the house will go along with it. if they don't, they will be genuine crisis. i am concerned about it. >> so is he in singe with the
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president? you can pick up his book, a little alternative book of alternative investments. >> now i'm not going to make a clear eyes and make that comment about obama, but i will say, if he confiscated the upper income earners, tax them at the highest rate. this is "wall street journal", the millionaires and billionaires and you tax them, it would yield about $938 billion. in a $4 trillion budget, 14 trillion dollars in debt, that is a drop in a bucket, don't we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem? >> $900 billion is not a drop of bucket, i am favor of greatly raising the taxes on wealthy
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people. i wouldn't raise taxes making $250,000 a year. it's basic, we are spending an enormous amount of money that we are borrowing. at some point we're going to have so much debt we're going to have to a crisis and there will have to be austerity measures. simpler way to tax them more, let them help pay down the debt. $20 million a year, he can afford a tax increase. >> first of all, it's their money. i don't know if you can judge like that. >> with all due respect, of course it's their money but the congress has a right to tax it. and then as you know they pay the lion's share of the tax burden for the country. so to listen to you and obama, i
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guess, you seemed to be joined at the hip -- they are sitting around and not creating jobs. they are not spending. what we know about higher taxes, what we know about higher taxes right now is they do not in any way address the real problem in this country which is entitlement reform which this president has been mia on, he has not produced a single plan that address the real spending. that is the real problem. not whether you hit up a billionaire another 5% on his taxes? >> we have to address entitlement reform but whether we can make meaning cuts o in social security, it's the third rail of politics in america but if we tax rich people more, we will raise more money. everyone except me is rich and you know very well if you raise their taxes, surcharge of 10 am,
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15% on their taxes they would still be rich. they would still be able to send their children -- they pay more taxes and lower the deficit. >> do you not agree that when you tax the rich you ultimately end up reducing much of the revenues that would come in for their spending that they make, their hiring and companies where they hire. >> i don't agree with you with all due respect. you are a woman of extraordinary intelligence but the data is very clear. we have higher rates of economic growth in the 40s, 50s and 60s when we had higher taxes. the era of very low taxes has correlated with a low period in productivity growth and low period of economic growth. you can't correlate low taxes
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with that. >> i'm not shouting. i want to ask a question. the president and democrats decided to extend the tax bush cuts. they understood during a weak economy you couldn't raise taxes. economy is sloeg growing at a slower rate than last year, about 2%, 1.9% last quarter. if it wasn't good to do in december, why is it good to do now? >> there is no data, my friend, correlating tax rates for the rich with higher economic growth we had maximum periods of growth when we had very high rates of tax on the rich. i'm not saying it's a great idea and i don't look forward to high rates on the rich. you can't say higher rates on
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the rich is bad on economic growth. the data is not there. if it were there, it's just not there. >> then we have a spending problem. is the spending problem bigger than taxing the rich? >> the spending is a bigger problem, it depends how you calculate it. we're not going to be eliminate social security or medicare. we've got to do both, we've got to cut spending and tax the rich. >> $938 billion if the "wall street journal" is right. over number years, $4 trillion budget. we've got cut spending. once they show good faith on spending, i'll have you back. it was great seeing you as always. up next, stuart varney is going respond and casey anthony's
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>> patti: continuing now with our analysis of press conference. president was asked about the budget negotiations and decided to sneak in a cheap shot at cable news. >> think what we've seen in negotiations here in washington is a lot of people say a lot of things to satisfy their base or to get on cable news, but that hopefully leaders at a certain point rise to the occasion and they do the right thing for the american people. that is what i expect to happen this time. call me naive. okay. now, he wants more air time than anyone on cable news with the
11:23 pm
possible exception of fox business anchor of stewart varney who joins us. there is always something going on in cable news. it's like an addiction with this president. i don't know why he keeps going there. what did you make of this? >> i watched it all the way through. i heard the comments about leadership. surely the leadership should be coming from president obama. the economy is in a serious mess and we have a massive deficit. what we want is landowner from the president, but what we got was political posturing, not a new economic policy or a new economic approach to our economic problem. where is the leadership, laura, as opposed to talking bit and blaming others? where is the leadership? where is the policy that deals with our debt but deals with the declining economy? i didn't see it. he has policy, it's kaurls called soaking the rich, demonizing congressional
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republicans, invoking things like corporate jet owners, they are really the problem with the economy. i want you to respond to what ben stein said earlier. you know that goldman sachs has said that letting the bush tax cuts would chop the gdp by 3%. there is correlation between increasing taxes and economic growth. might bring some temporary revenues but taxing the upper rich at 100% level would bring only $938 billion in? >> it's twofold. number one we had a trillion dollar spending program called stimulus and we had record government spending of 25% called government spending. it is therefore a past problem of spending. the other side of the coin, we've got a weak economy. so the money is not flowing into the treasury. if you raise taxes on the
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wealthy and bring in the money that you are talking about, what damage do you do to the economy? you do a lot of damage to the economy. frankly, laura, i contest the view that you bring in $900 billion by raising taxes on the wealthy. i though you bring in more like $80 billion. >> that is hundred percent. the joke analysis. they are trying to point out the absurdity of it. >> that is not going to happen. you do not close this gap by taxing people. you close the gap by less spending and by growing the economy and you grow government revenues. >> ben stein is smart guy, why do you think he has gone down this road. it's a mindset, going after the rich and soaking the rich is going to be the panacea when we know that this out growth of the
11:26 pm
entitlement programs and washington addiction to spending. it's the problem in the households and problem in washington? >> i don't think the president can change course and i don't think he will change course. what we need to do is restore confidence in private enterprise we're going to expand. the problem with the confidence in the moment, all these new regulations coming down the spike, in energy, finance and healthcare. can the president roll in the tide? will he wanted to change the course? the answer is no. if you roll back all the tax increases and proposals you be comes to the heart of the president's redistribution program. if you roll that back, you roll back the obama presidency. he cannot change course. he will not change course. its huge problem. >> no, he is digging in deeper. i found him defiant and frankly
11:27 pm
annoyed that couple reporters asked him tough questions on his role in leading on these debt negotiations. this is really an important issue, you can't golf 17 times in a few months. you can't go on fund-raisers, if it is that critical to the future oufr country. if you chock up the number of hours, friavg and golfing the hours in the day to tray your focus on this complex economic problem that we have. it's a matter of focus. >> with people posturing, laura, we were spoke about this before. i was born and raised in england. we invented class warfare and i saw it on display this afternoon with the president's press conference. that is what he is doing. he is playing the class card. soak the rich, it's their fault. soak the rich so you don't have to have fewer scholarships for students. it's bad economics.
11:28 pm
it may be reasonable good politics but i hope not. >> if more people are dependent on federal government maybe you are right. >> that is the plan. >> make them dependent so they vote on you and you can tax the rich to buy votes from that sector of the population. you are past the tipping point. we've got that already. >> no one wants to pull the wagon, as my mom used to say. >> coming up ahead, the abortion group planned parent shooed caught on tape making a stunning admission. and casey anthony's father recounts the suicide attempt in a very e
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>>. >> host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent
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or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter) man: hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. in the problem segment. the state of indiana passed a law that defunded planned
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parenthood but planned parenthood said that taxpayers don't fork over millions of dollars, would women will suffer? live action at pro-life group, they made phone calls to find out. >> hi, i have a question about your medicaid services. >> we are no longer a medicaid provider. >> is there another clinic we should try? >> you need to find your primary doctor. >> they would be able to provide the same services? >> yes. >> where should i go if i'm positive no longer for care and things like that? >> neighborly house clinic. gyn exams, as well. >> are those covered for medicaid patients? >> yeah. >> oh, really.
11:32 pm
>> joining us from new york, sally founder of the movement liberal thank and live action films the group that did the undercover work. and since your group is the star of the show. you can start. what was the thinking behind the calls. i think you called 16 of the 28 clinics. what does this really prove? >> sure. planned parent shooed raising a national campaign to justify all the ultimately hundreds of millions of dollars, tax dollars that feed into this organization. biggest abortion chain in america underground in indiana they commit over 5,000 a year over 50% of all abortions in the state. meanwhile, less than 1% of medicaid patients that the obama administration has recently stepped in and judge voted to
11:33 pm
defund the organization about medicaid money in order to force them, force indiana to continue to fund this abortion provider in their own state. we decided to step in and find out what really happened to medicaid patients that may be couldn't go to planned parenthood anymore. what would happen to those medicaid patients. we found, there are over 800 providers and planned parenthood has lower level employees when they are encountering these patients. happily refer them to other providers that provide them the exact same services through medicaid, making their own point we are not century for your healthcare. there are other providers you can go to. >> it seems pretty ingenious reporter go. you go to heart of the question and find out what the answer is. is it try that primary care is
11:34 pm
widely available for poor women in indiana and the claims that somehow they are going to be out on the street and not be able to get pap smears ludicrous? >> the fact is, no. it's not the only option it's not available option. two-thirds of the planned parenthood clinics are located in communities that are classified as medically underserved, especially with gas prices and employment it's harder and harder to get the services. look, 800 options that were listed there, having included a juvenile detention facility, these are the alternatives that they have put forward as reasonable alternatives for women in indiana to get preventative reproductive care. >> i think a fundamental point is the fact that the state of indiana told planned parenthood if you suspend your abortion practices, they do over 50% of
11:35 pm
abortions in indiana. if you suspend those practices you can receive as much medicaid money. they serve it as front for an abortion business that is cornering the mark in indiana. that is what it's about. it's about abortion. that is how it is across the country. they have been increasing the share of abortion market across our nation every single year over abortion numbers remain static. this is the reality we are facing. that this is abortion minded organization with a radical ideology along with other abuses of sexual abuse, aiding and abetting trafficking. they are not helping women. they are most concerned with what the greatest human rights abuse that i think which is abortion. >> first of all, in every instance you referred to, planned parenthood there were
11:36 pm
allegations of sexual abuse and trafficking, they alerted the police and alerted the f.b.i. >> let's set the record state. that is not proved at all. that is not a fact. in fact they could not come up with the cases where they called the police. a letter from see have see seal richards, alerting authorities is live action is not the same as calling the police. >> that is my understanding. the larger issue, i under your concern about abortion. i understand and it's shared by many people. the larger issue, you want there to be fewer abortions in america today. >> think we all want that. >> 90% of what planned parenthood does is help women, especially poor women not to have that as an option i kind of
11:37 pm
let you go back and forth. you know where i am on the issue. i will ask this question of sally. do you think abortion overall has been good for women? >> you know, i think that women having more choices about what to do with their bodies is good. >> what about women that weren't >> let's talk about julie couch a woman in indiana when she was 21 went to a clinic because she couldn't afford anything else. she was underinsured and she went for her care and they discovered she had stage 3 cervical cancer. she got the treatment. had she waited, n within six months it would have been terminal. excuse me, she is now 46. >> there are other health care providers in indiana.
11:38 pm
>> we're out of time. i'm i glad she got treatment. >> there are other places in indiana. >> i appreciate you being here. thank you very much. coming up, president obama says once again he wants amnesty for millions of illegals, but what is he doing about it?
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11:40 pm
thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham for bill o'reilly. it's no secret that president obama supports amnesty for millions of immigrants here in united states. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. i've said it before, i will say
11:41 pm
it again. i will say it next week and i'll say it six months from now. we may not be able to get everything that i would like to see in a package, but we have to have a balanced package. >> this is what he promised when he ran for president. >> what i can guarantee we will have in the first year an immigration bill that i strongly promoting and i wanted to move it forward as quick as possible. >> democrats actually controlled congress and he didn't get anything done. is he trying to use latinos to keep his job in white house? joining us kathy ru publisher and also the executive director of national immigration forum. let's try to make sense of this. he campaigned on one thing. he had control of congress couple years, nothing happened. how do you rated him immigration
11:42 pm
reform? >> the president has a lot of work to do. he has to move from promises to actions. he has a huge incentive to earn the trust of latino voters. but so do republicans. president bush wasn't able to deliver either. latino voters and actually went to president bush in record numbers. both parties have a massive incentive. >> here is what janet napolitano said back on october of 2010. she said we have deported more illegal aliens than ever before. what a great job in enforcement they have done. at the time, i'm trying to put myself in your position. i'm thinking, gosh, they seem to want to have it both ways, have the rhetoric on their side but go out to the regular folks and say, we're getting these people. >> it is that. it is true the obama administration has supported
11:43 pm
more illegal immigrants than the bush administration. so republicans should be very happy about that and latinos, we are happy they are concentrating on let's say the people that shouldn't be here, the criminals that we don't want in this country. but he is prioritizing there is nothing wrong with that. he is doing the right this thing. we are happy they are doing that. >> i hope he tries to appeal to american voters of whatever background, religious, jinder, ethnic, whatever. he is a president for all of america. when he comes out last week through his homeland security department and immigration customs enforcement bureau issues a memo to all their agents and prosecutors. they have a list. look at this list. this is a list of people that should be treated with
11:44 pm
prosecutorial consideration. pregnant women, women who are nursing, people who have generally been here and gone to some school. this list is big enough to drive a truck through. this is millions of people. this could not get through congress and the president is trying to pass laws by executive fiat. >> so a prosecutor who is to enforce the law, any prosecutor has to make decisions. those decisions that you are looking at the next page of the memo, they have clear criteria, drug dealers, violent criminals, those are things prosecutors should be prioritizing to remove from the country. >> anyone that wants to be an american citizen wherever they are should be classified as americans, as long as they can get there, then they are americans? >> that is not what i'm saying. we need an immigration system
11:45 pm
that people can go through. >> we need people to want an immigration system. >> the funny part is the majority of americans, poll after poll want a fixed immigration system. that is why republicans and democrats, when you have a southern baptist convention taking a resolution. >> they are wrong on a null of issues, as well. i'm all for, if people want to come here and play by the rules, go through the process, i'm all for immigration. i think it enriches the country but you have to say this. is there some point where there is a limit on the number of people who come to the united states. if we say no, there is no limit, then that is an interesting discussion. i don't think that is where the country is, not when we have 9.1% unemployment and when the infrastructure is collapsing. this is the rule of law today.
11:46 pm
>> but we are talking about people that are already here. we have 12 million illegal immigrants that are already here. we have to allow these hard working people, people that have contributed to our society that are paying taxes in many ways. >> a lot of them are not paying taxes. it's an under ground economy. they are paig being paid in cash. they are working as landscapers and roofers. a lot of people are not paying taxes. that is repeatedly in the media. >> and when they pay taxes when they go to a store. >> they don't pay income taxes. >> you want to wave a magic wand. >> why not pass a law. >> then why are you supporting laws by executive fiat? they couldn't get the dream act through? >> it has stood in the way of immigration reform. >> it's call the democratic
11:47 pm
process. last time i checked, mr. cauderon, he said when somebody comes back illegally, we send back them. >> that is what obama is doing, he deporting record numbers of people. that is according to the records. >> at this point when they come here do we want to spend tens of billions of dollars? >> i wanted it to mean something it's a privilege and not a right. >> an emotional day for casey anthony's family. legal experts will analyze the testimony moments away.
11:48 pm
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11:50 pm
in the back of the book segment. raw emotions on display in the murder trial of casey anthony. after the father described how he felt after hearing that caylee was found in a swamp. >> what effect did that have on you when you learned that caylee's remains had been found? >> a deep hurt inside. tears and whole gamit of an emotional, a breakdown inside of me and seeing what my wife was going through. >> up to that moment had you held out the hope that caylee would be found alive? >> absolutely. everyday from july 13th until
11:51 pm
the day i was told it was caylee. >> in january of 2009, you went -- >> joining us is criminal defense attorney mark, a host of true crime of investigation and discovery. this was emotional stuff. it doesn't get any more emotional than this. to watch the body language between, of course, the defendant and her father on the stand, almost no emotion at all or glaring at him, mark? >> that is the least of the problems. for years we said, if not her, who? and opening statement of the defense took on a burden they did not have to take on. that is we will tell you who the villain, it is her father, george. when he took the stand, they ensured there is no reasonable
11:52 pm
person who would ever make that finding. the nicest thing i can say about the direction examination it was grossly ineffective. >> let's talk about this. to see a father, a grandfather break down as he did. just -- i can hardly watch this myself. he is the best actor in the world. it has to be real. >> it was so real, it was haunt can. the jurors were trying to hide their sense of grief for this man, but you could see anxiety on their faces. there was one woman in the courtroom that was breaking down an observer in the balcony. it was so tough to see this man broken down over not only the loss of his granddaughter but the reality that she was reduced to bones and remains.
11:53 pm
having to grapple with that caused him so much pain that he was suicidal. meanwhile, casey sits there watching him as though she is stone called figure. she wants to signal to jury in my opinion that -- >> there is a train coming through there. there is metaphor somewhere. let's move on to mark. the suicide plan that he had the molestation charges -- it seems like the defense over the past several days, they are throwing every theory and every element they can. the defense attorney in my mind, as a former defense attorney myself, the defense attorney, maybe he didn't have much to work with but this is a pretty lame case been put on for the defense. >> i agree with you and i disagree with you. i disagree with you he didn't
11:54 pm
have a lot to work with. it's a level of awareness. he just isn't there. it's the problems of prosecution's case especially after the testimony they can't for sure to say where he messed with the crime scene. it may create problems for the state. what he did today was shoot himself in the foot by allowing george to get into sufficient that wouldn't normally come out. his suicide note will come into evidence and it's something the defense wants to hear. >> is there any sense any moment today from what i've saw and what i read that really added to the benefit of the defense case? anything today? >> the only things that added to the benefit of the defense case was the fact that at some point if this woman is found guilty of
11:55 pm
first-degree murder they are going to take mercy on her in the sentencing phase because of the grief of her parents and the grief that her family went through. one thing that is interesting, george said in that clip that you played he felt sorry that this whole thing of the toll on his wife and son. he did not mention casey. why i mention it, it was a freudian slip. i think he realizes, casey caused all of this grief to the family. casey is involved in the murder or the killing or the death of this child. he is saying without realizing saying it which is more harmful to the defense. >> laura, there was one moment, it was the son that found the remains, he testified, he looked credible that a month before clashing found the remains -- clark found the remains that he called his son and said, i'm going to be rich and famous.
11:56 pm
i found the remains. wait a second. you found them in december and he looked fairly believable. >> very interesting. thank you so much. and pinheads and patriots up next. features a ghoulish magazine cover. we'll tell you about it in a few we'll tell you about it in a few moments. i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money. with verizon, we do things quicker and more effectively. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier because they know the small business
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>> laura: pinheads and patriots in a moment. but first, check out for gear. navy seals 1, bin laden 0 t-shirt is selling fast. check out those. if you get a yearly premium membership, we are going to send you a shirt totally free. also, do not forget the benes miller-bill o'reilly live show. check it out. get ready to be zinged. you don't know what zinged is?
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you will out. it is high new book. it is called of thee i zing. it hits july 12th on bookstores. reserve your autographed copies at i'll be signing copies july 14th, 7 p.m. book review long island. finally, pinheads and patriots if princess diana were still alive, she would be turning 50 july 1st. this week "newsweek" magazine did a provocative cover story imagining what it would be like if the princess had not died. the editor said this about the controversy. >> cover has created a huge amount of debate. some think it is spooky and should we have done it? others think it is effective. i think it is very intriguing package to show what she would be like today. >> laura: is this cover pinheaded or pot


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